Book Launch Sept 2019

From the Author:

Welcome to the website of this book project.

Getting a book out there in today’s world is one lengthy process. This book took many years to manifest into its skin-time – over a decade for sure and really quite a bit longer. This story is found inside the text, so keep reading and we hope you find a copy to hold as your own.

It took an equally long time but we think the book has found a home with Lulu Online Publishing, as the Lulu platform provided enough flexibility to maintain our niche publishing project plus allow us to access a global distribution system so to get the book into people’s hands where and when you need the book.

This global reach means the book is available on Amazon, and many other online book retailer systems. Brick and mortar bookshops can order the book for you via Ingram Distribution. Go to the How to Get this Book page for more information and handy links (which we hope will work for you!).

If you wish to support the author with your purchase please consider going to the Lulu page as they offer our publishing company the largest cut from sales – these resources will assist Ability Therapy Specialists Pty Ltd to continue its good work helping people in Counselling, Mental Health, and Disability Support. We dearly appreciate your kindness.